Brazilian exchange suspends investor payment after duplicate Bitcoin transaction

With supposed negative balance in the platform, user tries to receive R$ 8.5 thousand since the end of 2019

Brazilian exchange suspends investor payment after double transaction of BitcoinNOTÍCIAS

Bahia courts have ruled that NegocieCoins must pay the balance in Bitcoin to an investor of the platform, who allegedly carried out a double transaction of cryptomoedas.

At least that is the justification presented by the exchange on the payment of the debt, published through a bill of review that was rejected this Friday (09). Thus, with the court ruling NegocieCoins is expected to pay about R$8,500 to the investor filing the suit.

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On the other hand, the exchange that is under judicial reorganization contests the debt, claiming that the investor in question has a negative balance of more than R$2,800 on the platform due to a double Bitcoin transaction.

Bill of Review rejected
The recent court ruling on NegocieCoins shows that the bill of review filed by the company was rejected immediately after the case was judged against the exchange.

The appeal therefore maintains the original decision on the case, where the investor is to be paid for the Bitcoin value he owned on the platform. According to the decision, NegocieCoins must pay a total of R$ 8,483.98, which corresponds to the former client’s balance in cryptomites.

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Prior to the bill of review, the courts had held that the investor should receive the amount deposited in NegocieCoins in a decision of 1 October 2019 on a bill of review submitted by the investor.

In that decision, the exchange had to pay the investor within 48 hours, or could have a daily fine of R$ 1,000 for non-compliance with the court decision.

„I defend the injunction of urgency, to determine that the requested party comply with the request for withdrawal to the bank account, within 48 hours, under penalty of payment of a daily fine in the amount of R$ 1 thousand.

Double transaction of Bitcoin
NegocieCoins, which was convicted one year ago, appealed the court’s decision in the case of the investor who had made a duplicate Bitcoin transaction, as the exchange argues in an interlocutory appeal.

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However, the Justice of Bahia did not change the understanding on the debt in question, involving investments in Bitcoin in the platform. Although the exchange presents the defence that there has been a duplicate transaction, and the investor is in negative balance on the platform, the analysis on the case asks that the debt with the former client be paid.

„The Agravante party maintains that the withdrawal was denied to the Agravado due to the fact that it „has a negative balance in Bitcoin, in the amount equivalent to R$ 2,841.41″, because it made a duplicate request for transfer in Bitcoin“.